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Unoma Okorafor

Dr. Unoma Okorafor is founder and CEO of Working to Advance STEM Education for African Women (WAAW) Foundation, a nonprofit whose mission is to promote STEM Education for African women, and to ensure that talent is engaged in technology innovation in Africa. WAAW Foundation especially focuses on girls in poverty-affected areas with a goal to ultimately increase the pipeline of African girls entering STEM related careers. Unoma earned her undergraduate degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering from the University of Lagos and a M.Sc. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Rice University, Okorafor also graduated from INSEAD’s Social Entrepreneurship program and Stanford University Business School’s Executive Program in Social Entrepreneurship. She then went on to get her PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas A&M University and gained experience as a Software Developer and Engineer at Texas Instruments, IBM and Hewlett-Packard prior to her organi