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Obi Okeke

Obi Okeke, is the co-founder of Los Angeles-based prestige car dealership Fusion Luxury Motors. Fusion Luxury Motors is the most unique Independent Luxury Exotic Automobile Dealership on the west coast located in Los Angeles California. It places a high emphasis on Contemporary Ultra Exotic & Vintage/Classic Cars. With over 25 years in the Automobile Industry, Obi posses the prowess to undertake any high-Level Complex Automobile transaction including large Automobile Collections, as he has accomplished many times over. Obi has been in the news recently. Floyd Mayweather, the boxer, bizarrely rang Obi at 3am to order a Bugatti - insisting the car was to be in his driveway in just 12 hours. The £1.5million valued super-car was delivered just 11 hours later. Sources: Daily Mail, Fusion Luxury Motors web site.