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Nicholas Okoye

Nicholas Okoye (@NickyOkoye) is presently the President and Chief Executive Officer of Anabel Group Inc, the group includes Anabel Mobile Limited, Nigeria’s pioneer tier one Manufacturer of Smart Mobile Devices, online portals and data platforms, Anabel Capital, Advisor and capacity building Consultant to the Central Bank of Nigeria. Anabel Technology specializes in developing applications that allow groups, associations and corporations to share work reports off site and integrate solutions from anywhere in the World. Nicholas Okoye is the founding Group Executive Director and the first Leader of the pioneer Executive team that set up the Transnational Corporation of Nigeria Plc (Transcorp), Nigeria’s first home grown conglomerate, involved in Oil, Gas, Hospitality and Agriculture. At Transcorp, Nicholas was responsible for rising over $1 billion USD in less than twelve months which was recorded and still is, one of Nigeria’s most successful capital raising exercises till date. In 2

Ikenna Azuike

Ikenna Azuike (33) is an ex City lawyer turned internet personality and entrepreneur. After turning his back on a successful career as a lawyer in London, New York and Singapore, Ikenna took the surprising step of becoming a youtube video blogger focussed on Africa and an internet entrepreneur with a niche in sustainability. Four years on, Ikenna’s youtube show What’s Up Africa has a following of thousands. His foundation and company Strawberry Earth has also become a well established name in the sustainability field in the Netherlands. Ikenna’s digital life is devoted to finding the latest creative and innovative trends being embraced by young Africans as well as by young people interested in living more sustainable lifestyles. He shares the results of his search through What’s Up Africa and Strawberry Earth. In a nutshell What’s Up Africa is a youtube video blog launched in March 2011. The show features satirical news, comedy sketches, music and general creativity from t