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E.C. Osondu

E. C. Osondu is an Igbo writer known for his short stories. His story "Waiting" won the 2009 Caine Prize, for which he had been a finalist in 2007. Osondu's stories have been published in Agni, Guernica, Vice, Fiction, and The Atlantic. Voice of America, his debut collection of short stories was published in 2010. In Nigeria, Osondu was an advertising copywriter. In 2008, he was a fellow at Syracuse University in creative writing. In 2010, he is an assistant professor of English at Providence College, teaching courses in creative writing, Introduction to Literature, and the Development of Western Civilization. "Waiting," published in October 2008 by Guernica magazine, describes life in a refugee camp from a child's point of view. Meakin Armstrong, the magazine's fiction editor, noted that "it isn't pretentious nor rife with literary trickery. It's simply a well-told story about a kind of life most of us couldn't even begin to imagine.&qu

Amara Nwankpa

Frustrated by his country’s epileptic power supply, and tired of being mocked by his Ghanaian friends, Abuja-based ICT consultant Amara Nwankpa joined forces with other media-savvy Nigerians to set up Light Up Nigeria. It’s an online protest group advocating an urgent resolution to Nigeria’s chronic electricity problem – a situation now so bad that Nigeria was recently reported to have signed an agreement with neighbouring Cameroon to help provide the “giant of Africa” with electricity. Light Up Nigeria is now a worldwide, online phenomenon with tens of thousands of supporters on Twitter and Face book who are helping to keep the issue of power supply at the top of the political agenda. 32-year-old Amara Nwankpa was recently associated with the youth debate group called What About Us? Source: AfripopMag