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Dedicated to the cultural preservation of the African aesthetic, Yagazie Emezi began her website yagazieemezi.com - as a project to locate young and upcoming photographers with the intent of providing a platform that showcases their work and points of view of Africa. This is part of a concerted effort to encourage the creative arts movement within Africa and the Diaspora, to provide us with spaces to tell our own stories, support our creative entrepreneurs, and view ourselves through our own lenses. With a dual degree in Cultural Anthropology & Africana Studies, Yagazie embarked on this journey to not only curate our existing culture and the talent of our youth, but to also emphasize the necessity of a habit of cultural preservation among us that goes beyond documenting only past and traditional practices. Our culture is NOW.

With contributing photographers based in Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, U.S and Germany and with varied backgrounds, this site documents their work and travels, in and out of Africa. You’ll also find interviews spotlighting African creatives, as well as features on art, fashion, and film. The goal is to illuminate new and different perspectives on the continent along with highlighting young and overlooked talent.

Yagazie Ledi Francisca Emezi was born and raised in Aba, Nigeria and moved to the United States in 2005 where her love and yearning for home led to an intensified passion for Africa and the arts. She is also a visual artist and cartoonist, as well as a video blogger whose YouTube channel is a popular digital platform that discusses social issues, hilarious snippets of personal life, and a plethora of topics rarely addressed openly in African communities, such as eating disorders and sexuality. 


Chijioke Az said…
Hi SanChi. I'm sending this through this comment space because I found no other way to reach you. I'm not sure if you know that Dr. Mike Okoye, Barack Obama’s Legal Council is a first generation African American of Igbo ethnicity. Please tell us more about him. Many thanks for your magnificent job in promoting the people of Igbo heritage.
Nma Nazzy Agada said…
This lady inspires me to the core. i literally stalk her. these are the kind of igbo ladies we need to make a change in this age
SanChi Media said…
Hi Chijioke, On Mike Okoye, please can you send me more info on chikere at gmail dot com


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