Nneoma Okorie

One to Watch:

Nneoma Okorie is a host and radio/TV personality who describes herself as “a woman striving to be the voice of the youth amongst her generation”. Nneoma aims to be “the next Oprah” and lives her life by the mantra “You are never too young to accomplish anything no matter how big or small, if you push yourself hard enough anything is possible. Just believe.”

A second born, first-generation Nigerian American, she had a strict upbringing. But at a young age, she realised what she loved to do, and decided to become a media mogul. In pursuit of that dream she says “I continuously challenge myself by taking on difficult tasks, and by dedicating time, effort and passion towards pursuing my dreams.”

The stylish teenager also co-hosts the popular webshow: The Nne & Ike Show, with fellow host Ike Slimster. The Nne & Ike Show is a show that consists of popular topics such as music, fashion, comedy, and etc.


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