Ikenna Azuike

Ikenna Azuike (33) is an ex City lawyer turned internet personality and entrepreneur. After turning his back on a successful career as a lawyer in London, New York and Singapore, Ikenna took the surprising step of becoming a youtube video blogger focussed on Africa and an internet entrepreneur with a niche in sustainability. Four years on, Ikenna’s youtube show What’s Up Africa has a following of thousands. His foundation and company Strawberry Earth has also become a well established name in the sustainability field in the Netherlands.

Ikenna’s digital life is devoted to finding the latest creative and innovative trends being embraced by young Africans as well as by young people interested in living more sustainable lifestyles. He shares the results of his search through What’s Up Africa and Strawberry Earth.

In a nutshell What’s Up Africa is a youtube video blog launched in March 2011. The show features satirical news, comedy sketches, music and general creativity from the booming continent of Africa! In January 2012 What’s Up Africa was also recognised by US platform: TheRoot.com as one of the 25 “blogs to watch” in 2012.

Strawberry Earth is a platform built around a community of people interested in sustainable lifestyle. Since its launch in December 2008, Strawberry Earth has grown from a weekly blog about sustainable design to a platform offering: daily sustainable inspiration to thousands of people, creative events and fantastic deals on great items. Strawberry Earth’s media partnership with PresentPlus means it is now a pivotal platform linking sustainable businesses and initiatives with young and influential creatives all over the world.

Ikenna is regularly invited to host Africa and sustainability related events where the emphasis is on creative branding, internet trends, new media journalism and digital life in general, and he does so with enthusiasm and lots of energy.


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