Enyinne Owunwanne

In 2008, Enyinne ( @enyinneo ), a former Hedge Fund Operations Analyst, decided to leave the world of Wall Street behind and pursue a path of entrepreneurship.

She started Heritage1960, a blogzine and an online retail destination offering a curated view of global African fashion, lifestyle, and design.  Named after the year 17 African countries won their independence, Heritage1960 celebrates freedom, individuality and unique style inspired by the continent.

Born in the US, Enyinne grew up in Kuwait and has lived and studied in Philadelphia. She has a Masters Degree in Global Fashion Management and worked as a US Business Development Manager at London-based trend forecasting company Worth Global Style Network (WGSN). 

H1960MUSE is Enyinne’s Tumblr moodboard, “a collection of people, places and things that inspire” her. She is one to watch.


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