Vera Ephraim

Vera Ephraim's full name is Vera Nkechi Anenyeonu. She is from Anambra state, Nigeria.

Vera is a celebrated Nigerian Award wining Dancer, Choreographer and international Actress who has worked with Lavelle Smith Jr.(Micheal Jackson and Beyounce's choreographer) and collaborated also with the likes of Orlando Julius, Hugh Masakela and Femi Kuti.

Vera has starred, co-starred and guest starred in theatre, film, television,Tv commercials, music videos and Radio. Since in South Africa, she has featured in top drama series like Generations, Intersextions, Jacobs Cross and played the role of Ayo in Lifestyles, a Nigerian soap opera.

She is the CEO,founder/artistic director of Vera's Danse Hauz.


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