Emeka Okoro

Emeka Okoro is a Igbo artist who left his architecture studies to pursue business administration, banking and painting. His work recalls the art of the 1960's Oshogbo movement in the southwest Nigerian state of Oshun with its geometric forms and vivid colors. The art of this movement and subsequently the art of Emeka Okoro celebrate both traditional subject matter and modern artistic styles. Emeka integrates Christian imagery into some of his work as well.

Emeka has had three major art exhibitions (in Charlotte, North Carolina and in Atlanta, Georgia) and has clients and benefactors that span the globe from the United States, Japan, and Nigeria. He is currently in the process of building a body of work for his upcoming exhibition in the United States. Emeka continues to seek other media to showcase his work – particularly in the commercial space.  You can find Emeka’s work on stamps, shoes, neckties, t-shirts, bags, as well as rugs (currently in production).

Emeka holds a bachelors degree in Finance and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in General Management.


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