Chiedu Ifeozo

Chiedu Ifeozo was born in Lagos and his family is originally from Ubulu-uku in Delta state. He completed his secondary school education at Kings College Lagos, and graduated with a master’s degree in Electronics Engineering from the University of Surrey, England.

Today he is know as Nigeria's YouTube poet. Chiedu who recently featured in CNN's Inside Africa uses this medium to reach out to his audience.

He self-published his first collection of poetry titled "Thoughts on a page", in 2008, and most of his work follows a spoken word style of writing which focuses mainly on topics such as politics, social commentary, youth empowerment, inspirational poetry and romance.

In 2009, using the profit generated from the sale of his first book, he financed, edited and printed an anthology titled poetry for charity.

His poetry collection was reviewed positively by next newspaper, Nigeria, and his poems have been featured on Badalisha poetry radio, SouthAfrica, Jamati online, Kenya, poetry digest magazine, Nigeria and “how far(cupids edition)” by switchedonnaija.


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