Lonzo Nzekwe

Lonzo Nzekwe is the producer, director and writer of award-winning movie, 'Anchor Baby'

‘Anchor Baby’ tells the story of Joyce (played by Omoni Oboli) and Paul Unanga (played by Sam Sarpong), a married illegal immigrant couple living in the US; they have been ordered by the US immigration to leave the country by voluntary departure. They agree to leave; but only after Joyce who is 5months pregnant delivers her baby inside the US. This will guarantee automatic citizenship for their child. Ignoring the deportation order, the couple goes into hiding. Paul was later caught and deported while Joyce stayed back to struggle on her own to achieve their dream.

‘Anchor Baby’ has won international awards including the Best Film award at the 2010 Harlem International Film Festival and has been officially accepted to screen at the ‘Fans of Film’ film festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

Lonzo Nzekwe was born in Enugu State; but is a native of Abia State, Nigeria. In 1997 he moved to England, and in 1999, he triangulated between England, the U.S. and Nigeria. During that period, he enrolled in different diploma programes. He earned a Master Course diploma certificate in Recording Engineering from Audio Institute of Americaand also CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ certifications. From 1999, he worked as a music producer with various local hip-hop and R&B music artists.

In 2005, Nzekwe took a break from music production and moved to Canada where he honed his film writing, directing skills. He is a self thought filmmaker and he developed his Final Cut editing skills by enrolling at WITZ Training (Canada's first Apple Authorized Training Centre). He also studied the 2 Day Film School by Dov SS Simens. He then registered Alpha Galore Films under his existing company Alpha Galore Inc.

Sources: BellaNaija, Jamati Online & Anchor Baby Movie Site

Anchor Baby is currently showing in selected Odeon cinemas across London.


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