Gossy Ukanwoke

One to watch

Gossy Ukanwoke is the Founder/CEO of Students Circle Network and a student of Girne American University.

Students Circle Network, a Kyrenia-area start-up (Girne American University Roots) founded in 2010 - is an educational social network for college and high school students with interests in providing free course resources/materials, live faculty/teacher/lecturer help to students, scholarship offers, study groups and many more students services across the globe for FREE.

They are currently indexing over 10,431 courses (soon to be live) from over 200 OpenCourseWare member universities across the globe and over 340 live and free to everyone in Business, Computing, Engineering, Sciences and Humanities.

The primary goal of the students circle network is to allow students improve on their academica by creating a community of academic oriented students to share ideas, have project discussions and network.

Web: http://studentscircle.net/live/


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