Chinyere Oteh

Chinyere E. Oteh is a mother, educator, artist and activist. A 2007 Fellow of RAC’s Community Arts Training Institute, she is involved in several community art endeavors including teaching photography and creative writing for the PPRC Photography Project and Springboard and membership in Yeyo Arts Collective which operates Gya, a community gallery and fine craft shop.

In 2007 she studied the photographic arts full-time for a year at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. She received her BA from Washington University in 2002 where she wrote an honors thesis “Mixed Race Identity: A Challenge to or an Affirmation of Racial Categorization.” Oteh strongly believes in the power of art to communicate that which we are often too afraid to speak about.

Oteh is also the founder of the Cowry Collective, a time-banking network in St. Louis in which members exchange services based on time spent on a project instead of the dollar value of their work experience or professional degree.

Oteh, 30, was born in Florissant and moved with her family as a child to Detroit and Washington. She returned to St. Louis in 1998 to attend Washington University, where she earned a degree in American culture studies. She has worked in various local education programs combining arts and creativity with learning.

Source(s): The Nu-Art Series, St Louis Beacon, Google


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