Arinze Kene

Arinze Kene is an actor and playwright. He is best known for playing the character of Connor Stanley in the BBC's EastEnders.

Born in Nigeria, Arinze relocated to Hackney, East London with his family in the early 1990s as a toddler.

He has also appeared in stage productions such as playing Simba in The Lion King, the short-lived Boney M musical Daddy Cool, and in June 2009 he played strutting lothario Raymond LeGrendre in the musical Been So Long, based on Ché Walker's 1998 play, which opened at the Young Vic. Kene also plays the lead in 2010 UK Film Council feature Freestyle and is currently splitting his time between filming EastEnders in Hertfordshire and rehearsals for his new play Estate Walls which is being staged at the Oval House Theatre, South London.


Thanks Cuz


Chimaobi said…
Greetings my Igbo family member.

Just leaving you a very short message to let you know this hard work is much appreciated. This is exceptional work you are doing for our people, and for our children's much needed Igbo-centric education.


- Chimaobi

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