Ifeyinwa Umeike

Ifeyinwa Umeike was born on the 21 of April, 1972, the fourth in a family of seven children. She hails from the Igbo tribe of eastern Nigeria whose people are renown for their commerce, bravery and artistry. She is a graduate of economics from the University of Ibadan. She says that art constitutes the greater part of her life, although she received no formal training in this field.

She paints in gouache and has adopted the use of local Nigerian fabrics which add a touch of bright color to the delicate pastel effect of the paintings. The technique of stencil-like cut outs must be carefully observed to appreciate the fine craftsmanship of each painting.

Apart from selling and exhibiting her art in several galleries in Nigeria, she has made a book cover design for the American Women’s Club in Nigeria. It is entitled Lagos Easy Access. She currently resides in Canada and her work can be seen at Galeria Quetzal in Cleveland, Ohio, and Nicole Gallery in McCormickville, Chicago.

You can see more of Ifeyinwa's art here


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