Monday, 24 May 2010

Oo Nwoye

Oo Nwoye is a co-founder of OnePage, an exciting digital platform for creating, sharing and storing business/contact cards. OnePage is fundamentally an online business card that is more interactive and dynamic. In 30 seconds, you can create a OnePage card that has all your contact details (email, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Website, etc), which you can share easily. So rather than having a paragraph contact details as your email signature, you have OnePage is continuously evolving and will soon be an indispensible networking tool.

Oo who also leads innovation and product design at OnePage has degrees in Electrical/Electronic Engineering (UNIBEN) and Electronic Business Management (Warwick University). He is an ex-student of Kings College, Lagos.

Oo who hails from Anambra State hopes to inspire a new cadre of Nigerian entrepreneurs through education and mentoring. Oo is surely one to watch.