Nyemike Onwuka

Nyemike Onwuka is one of Nigeria's top emerging art talents. He studied general arts and majored in painting at Auchi Polytechnic. He also went for post graduate studies at Witswatersrand University, Johannesburg, South Africa where he studied animation and visual effects.
Onwuka's work display mastery of the palette knife. From landscape to portrait, from surreal to abstract, he shows his versatility and an adept touch.

Onwuka's work also draws its inspiration from the binary relationship/duality of beauty and decomposition. Women feature prominently in Onwuka’s body of work and within his paintings they are used to create a disjunction between the attractive subject(s) and artistic techniques that are not conventionally associated with beauty.

Throughout his works Onwuka incorporates issues of storytelling and communication. The perceived interaction of masses brought together in light, shade and use of rustic colour endow his paintings with a strong narrative element.

Sources: ArtRabbit, naijablog.


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