Mazi Ukonu

Mazi Anyaogu Elekwachi Ukonu was the host of the famous “Ukonu’s Club – Teenagers Playtime” where young adults go to dance and have fun. He was a trailblazer who attracted mutual love and respect along the paths of his life.

In Nigeria during the early 60’s, Mazi Ukonu, as he came to be known, also created programs that demonstrated his love for his profession as he nourished and entertained Nigerians. People were nourished with news and entertained with programs like Telechance which encouraged the talented, especially the youth, to showcase their skills productively.

The legendary Mazi Ukonu of Ukonu’s Club fame turned 80 years old on March 5, 2010. A special celebration to honor this icon of Nigerian broadcast industry will be held at Onu Ibina Igbere on April 3, 2010. Highlights of the month-long celebration will, amongst other things, feature a book presentation of the life and times of Chief, Mazi, Anyaogu Elekwachi Ukonu. The book, entitled, Journey from Medicine to Theater Arts is a biography of Mazi Ukonu as compiled and published by MediaWorks, LLC, USA.

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Igbobasics said…
A documentary DVD which contained movie clips from White Witch Doctor starring Robert Mitchum, Teachers Pet with Clark Gable, Untaimed with Susan Hayward, Something of Value with Sydney Poitier among other details of Ukonu's life was presented during his 80th birthday celebration. The Book and Documentary DVD Mazi Ukonu: Journey From Medicine to Theater Arts can be obtained at

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