Nnenna Nwakanma

President of free Software and Open Foundation for Africa

Nnenna Nwakanma holds a triple Bachelors, in the Social Sciences, History and English and a Masters degree in International Relations and Law. She has done large-scale work within International development organisations and institutions in Africa on Information, Documentation and International Relations. Among them, The Home Health Education Service, The Helen Keller Foundation and The African Development Bank. Co-founder of different pan-African organizations: The Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa (FOSSFA), The Africa Network of Information Society Actors (ANISA), and the Africa Civil Society for the Information Society (ACSIS). One of the major Civil Society Actors in the World Summit on the Information Society.

She represents the African Civil Society on the Digital Solidarity Fund, and advises on the Africa Information Society Initiative. Today she is Council Chair of the Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa, and also runs her own Platform of Development Consultants - nnenna.org


chayoma said…
Wow, that is a great achievement!

She is truly a phenomenal black woman.

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