Ijeoma Uchegbu

Ijeoma Uchegbu holds a Chair in Pharmaceutical Nanoscience within the School of Pharmacy, University of London. Ijeoma obtained her PhD from the School of Pharmacy, University of London in 1994, was appointed to a lectureship within the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Strathclyde University in 1997 and a Chair in Drug Delivery at Strathclyde University in 2002. In 2006 Ijeoma was appointed to the Chair in Pharmaceutical Nanoscience at the School of Pharmacy, University of London.

Ijeoma’s research in pharmaceutical nanoscience has provided insights into nanoparticle design for drug delivery, producing nanosystems (nanomedicines) that promote oral drug absorption and drug transport to the brain for example. Ijeoma and Andreas Schatzlein have also designed an anti-cancer gene medicine that is currently in pre-clinical development.

Ijeoma is the Science Secretary of the CRS, a US based learned society with interests in the delivery of pharmaceuticals, former Chair of the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Great Britain and is the Academia Expert on the Department for Innovation University and Skills’ Science Engineering and Technology Strategy for Women Expert Group. Ijeoma has been awarded various prizes for her work, the latest of which is the Department for Innovation University and Skills’ Women of Outstanding Achievement in Science Engineering and Technology award. Ijeoma along with five other awardees took part in a national photographic exhibition in 2007 at various venues including the Science Museum and the British Museum.


mobi said…
please could "she" post another photo so we can be sure.
Anonymous said…
I love this site. What of igbo ladies married to yoruba? are they included?

As for this post, you keep using 'Ijeoma' which is not bad. But it makes it difficult to know if Ijeoma is a he or she. pls clarify
mary Bird said…
Please can you confirm that Ijeoma is Ijeoma Okoro from St.Michaels girl boarding school !!If so please please get in touch, I have been trying to find you and your sisters for years !! and Mary Nwankiti. email mary@carmasutra.com for the man who loves his car !! Mary Bird xx
SanChi Media said…
We'll try to find out for you.
Mary Bird said…
Yes it is Ijeoma ! Thanks to this site i am now in contact after 33yrs ! x

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