Friday, 12 June 2009


The world is yet to get a taste of the new soothing, sensual sound of Nigerian Soul /R&B singer, Dozie; his debut album Redemption , a title subject to change with the set of a record deal, is ready to hit stores late this summer.

He has been compared to Sade, Maxwell and even Seal. His melodious voice and distinctive style hold an appealing groove—one that leaves no doubt that this up- and-coming artist is ready to break through the industry with something missing for a while.

Dozie was born in England to a Nigerian father and British mother, Dozie spent his early years in both the UK and Nigeria, moving to the U.S. with his family when he was a teenager. The plethora of sounds in his family household ranged from Nigerian pop giants like Fela Kuti and Sir Warrior, to South African jazz gurus like Dollar Brand and Hugh Masekela, to classical composers like Handel and Bach. This early exposure permeated his soul with a love of music that would only manifest itself several years later.


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