Rochelle Okoye

Rochelle Okoye, was Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba May 26, 1985. Okoye, moved to England in 1992, at the age of 7, and continued gymnastics in that area.

In 1996, Okoye became the British national gymnastics champion and was able to hold the title for three consecutive years.

In 1997 and 1998, Okoye was awarded the top sports person in England under the age of 13 category. Than in 1998 BBC produced and aired a 1/2 hour sports documentary on her gymnastics career.

Okoye earned a Bachelors of Science degree in psychology from the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC), in Prince George, BC.

On December 27, 2008, at the Red Robinson Show Theatre, Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, on the card, "Rumble in the Red", Okoye, 122, made her pro debut. Okoye, fighting in her hometown, won a four-round unanimous decision over Priscilla Trompowsky, 120.5, Toronto, Canada. Final judges scores, 39-37, 39-37, 39-35.


Ifeoma Okeke said…
I love the work u are doing here. Every Igbo person should be. This is one of a kind and is simply great! God bless you
Anonymous said…
I remember Rochelle has a Gymnast in Britain. She was amazing. A great talent. Does she still Box?
Anonymous said…
she certainly is good at sports, but i heard she has abandoned her family and won't speak to her parents anymore. I feel bad for the parents because they did everything to support her sports career when they were not really in a position to have that kind of money for it. Shame on her for bad behaviour to her mum and dad. Igbo's know you only get one mum and dad in your life and you should always respect and honour them.

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