Ndidi Onukwulu

Ndidi Onukwulu is a singer originally from Burns Lake, British Columbia. Although her style is often classified as jazz and blues, Onukwulu combines several musical genres in her songs including surf music, electric blues, gospel, and country.

Onukwulu, whose father, jazz player Ezeadi Onukwulu, is from Nigeria, also integrates Malagasy and Nigerian music into her performances to create a unique and eclectic sound. She frequently tours promoting her music and makes regular appearances at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival.

In January 2006 Onukwulu released her first album No, I Never. The album release was followed by a tour that garnered positive buzz in the Canadian blues community. The Contradictor, released on June 17, 2008, was produced by Steve Dawson under the Indie record label Jericho Beach Music.


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