Justin Chinyere

Justin is everyone’s favourite ‘funny actor’ who started out recording hilarious street-based vox pops on YouTube under the banner of Hot Topic. He is one half of JcX n Slick, the other half being Nicholas Brown.

His unique brand of humour has been performed at the Choice FM Comedy Club, the Catford Theatre, Fairfield Halls, The Jump Off and Kojo’s Comedy Funhouse. He also had slots on Richard Blackwood’s Choice FM show and Tim Westwood’s Radio 1 show. The pair can also be seen on their popular show Hot Topic, which tours the country asking the viewing public their opinions on various current issues. He also appears on Sky digital’s Current TV.

Source: FlavourMag


Anonymous said…
please, i want to get in contact with you i am the editor of clam magazine in paris and we did the subject on dawn okoro a few issues back
check the sites www.clammag.com
to get to know clam...
hoping to hear from you
mail me at guest@clammag.com
Justin Chinyere said…
Thanks for this guys. Im still trying to progress further. IGBO KWENU!

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