Ifeanyi Chijindu

Ifeanyi Chijindu is a Nigerian-American author/writer, entrepreneur, artist, model, actress and screenwriter.

Ifeanyi who was born in Los Angeles, Ca. had her first poem published at the age of eight, she completed a 90-page novella at eleven and at 15, Ifeanyi sold her first short story and won 2nd place for it in a contest hosted by Superior Communications and Publications.

By 17, Ifeanyi regularly performed her poetry at paid venues. Around this same time, Ifeanyi also deepened her interest in acting and won the part of Maya Angelou in a local play called Women In Love.

A Girl's Life...the Song that Never Ends, a themed poetry collection, was published in 2004 and centered on Chijindu's experiences about love, hatred, family, spirituality, racism, sexuality, individual and ethnic identity throughout her childhood, adolescence and early adulthood. Cal Poly Pomona presented her with the Golden Leaves Award in recognition for her literary achievement and for being the youngest person at the university to receive this award.

In 2005, Black Diaspora Magazine published "Healing from Within," Ifeanyi's feature article about Djehuty Maat-Ra, creator of DHERBS and celebrity herbalist who counts celebrities like R & B singer Brandy and actor Blair Underwood as part of his clientele.

Ifeanyi wrote for The Poly Post newspaper from 2005–2007 where she displayed her incisive writing style with her cultural profiles on artists like Salvadoran painter Carlos Flores and in film reviews of movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean 3,The Reaping and The Return.

In 2007, Ifeanyi's film critiques and social editorials allowed her to receive an award from the Society of Professional Journalists for "Best Editorial" for an article about how on-campus ethnic centers promote separatism and racism.

In addition to writing, Ifeanyi worked as a freelance make up artist for aspiring actresses and models before creating Goddess Cosmetics, Accessories & Toiletries also known as Goddess C.A.T., an online shop featuring Goddess-inspired accessories along with herbal cosmetics and skin care

Goddess C.A.T. became one of the few early companies who created healthy cosmetics for women of color before ethnic and herbal make up gained mainstream popularity with older cosmetic corporations.

Goddess C.A.T., Ifeanyi's beauty advice and social commentaries on issues relating to women's roles and beauty ideals have been featured in various newspapers, websites, women's and beauty magazines such as Glamour Magazine, The Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, Momlogic.com San Bernardino Sun, Luxaholics.com The Whittier Daily News, San Gabriel Valley News, Sheknows.com, Newsday.com and Feministing.com


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