Regina Agu

Regina Agu was born in Houston, TX and was raised traveling overseas throughout Africa and Europe, as her father undertook work with the United Nations, World Health Organization. Her family has roots in both Nigeria and Louisiana, and her artwork reflects her own rich cultural heritage, as well as the cultures and locations that she encountered during her upbringing. Regina was first exposed to drawing and painting through her mother’s artwork, sketchbooks and design textbooks, and she began to nurture her own creative drive as a young child. Upon returning to the United States to attend Cornell University, Regina became increasingly involved with the visual arts, and after relocating back to Houston, she continues to exhibit and create new work. Her work has recently been included in Art Official Intelligence at the TSU Museum (Feb-Mar 2008), and 5-A Citywide (MFAH) 2008, Of Women (Community Artist Collective).

Source: Artwork by Regina Agu


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