Obi Ibeto

Obi Ibeto is a native of Nnewi in Anambra State of Nigeria. He is the owner of Dallas Roof Gardens, a six story multi-purpose building located at the heart of downtown Dallas. The idea of owning Dallas Roof Gardens came to Obi Ibeto's mind when he was in London, England and visited the Kensington Roof Gardens and thought that Dallas would be a perfect location for a similar project. The six-story Dallas Roof Gardens property is a multi-million dollar investment project. The property houses various tenants; the most notable of them is the LUQA Restaurant. The restaurant occupies two floors. LUQA Restaurant features a prominent Beverly Hills chef, David Gilbert, who was relocated from California for the sole purpose of catering to LUQA'S clientele.

Obi is the son of Mr. Cletus Ibeto, a very successful industrialist in Nigeria.


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