Izu Ojukwu

Izu Ojukwu is a Nigerian film director. Working predominantly in action films, this technically driven director is known for his unorthodox camera work and visuals. He frequently collaborates with Emeka Hill Umeasor.

Entering the industry straight out of high school in 1991, Izu has done comparably few movies, preferring to better equip himself with practical training rather than classroom knowledge.

Izu was a featured part of the documentary Welcome to Nollywood (2007), as it followed him making his 2007 film Laviva.

Source: WIki


nneoma said…
The pic you have up there is of J.T. Tom West who died some time ago.

A pic of Ojukwu Izu can be found here
C. Ezeh said…
Thanks...Pic updated

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