Ijeoma Njaka

Ijeoma is a singer and actress. She attended George Washington H.S. in Charleston, WV and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from West Virginia University.

She is a co-star in CSI:NY, a spin-off of Crime Scene Investigations set in New York City. She has also toured the world with Enrique Iglesias.


kealyford said…
Hi Ijeoma, I would love to hear from you. We were co-head cheerleaders together in the 9th grd at Sissonville Jr. High. I remember going up that road to get to your house in Siss. I am so happy for your success, I would love to know what is up next for you. You were always a wonderful person and a good friend. I hate that we lost touch when you went off to GW High.
Love, Tammy Citraro Ford

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