Dawn Okoro

Dawn Okoro, a painter and University of Texas alum, is pursuing her craft while she's enrolled as a third-year law student at Texas Southern University in Houston - and yet she's become something of an accidental celebrity consort and a portrait artist to the stars.

So far she's teamed up with Erykah Badu to raise awareness for the singer's nonprofit organization, and has had Shaun Robinson of "Access Hollywood" and Victoria's Secret model Nichole both commission portraits. She's shown artwork in London, and even sent a painting to a show in Australia whose organizer turned out to have appeared in a recent "Star Wars" flick. Okoro's art has recently graced the pages of Paris-based "CLAM" magazine. With minimal self-promotion Okoro has managed to sell several dozen paintings and has developed cadres of collectors in Dallas, New York and Los Angeles. While she spends her school years in Houston, she plans to make her home base New York City.


Source: Jenny Miller- Austin American Statesman


Brown Sugar said…
I love her work!!! I actually saw several of her pieces on my friends facebook page...and i always wondered if she was igbo!! thanx for this lil tidbit on her...and I like the fact that you are recognizing self made igbos on your blog...keep up the work!!
Chinedu Echeruo, a Harvard Business School graduate, is the Nigerian born American behind http://HopStop.com. He moved to the USA when he was 16 years old.
C. Ezeh said…
@ Brown sugar - Thanks. She is quite good
@ Secret Diary - I have already done a post on him

dillinger said…
Hmmm, just googled Dawn Okoro. I'm really loving her work. The fact that she is Igbo is making me feel all warm inside :¬)

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