Uche Jumbo

Uche is a talented and well spoken Nollywood actress. Uche got into acting after a chance meeting with Fidelis Duker. Uche attended Aba-Owerri Road Primary School Aba, and graduated from the University of Calabar (Mathematics/Statistics) and followed it up with a post graduate diploma from the Federal University of Technology, Minna.

Uche is a Manchester United fan and has many movie titles to her name. Uche delivered her best performance ever in the movie ‘Games Men Play’ where she played a wife with a trifling husband. She is a native of Abiriba in Abia State.

Uche Jumbo is her real name!


Vera Ezimora said…
I think you've got your pictures mixed up. Isn't that Uche Elendu up there??? Or maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me anyway.

... Wow. So Jumbo is her real last name. Amazing! Always thot that was a nickname of some sort.
Onye igbo said…
sorry but this is not Uche Jumbo but Uche Elendu:)
nneoma said…
as an ardent Uche Jombo fan, I am very disappointed that you did not post a REAL picture of Uche Jombo. The actress picture you posted is NOT Uche Jombo....a simple Google Image search would have supplied you with several images.
C. Ezeh said…
@ Vera ( A big fan of your blog - now and then), Onye Igbo and Nneoma (Also a fan in my days as Ababoy - Cover blown), I am really sorry about the mistake! Thanks for spotting it. Funny cos I saw her interview the night before on BEN TV, and though....hmmm, this really isn't her. Picture changed ...Thanks.

Your comments will always help make this blog successful.

@Vera - The Jumbo name, she said as much in her interview.
nneoma said…
Ah, if I knew that you were Ababoy, I would have taken it easier on you.....by the way, when are we going to see a post on the late Adiele Afigbo....let me know if you want me to write a brief blurb on him....but I very much enjoy this blog - it is truly great.
C. Ezeh said…
Nneoma, I did a post of Prof. Afigbo - that was before his death. PLEASE...PLEASE, I will appreciate a post on him from you. It will be the only post for the day...Thanks

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