Damian Anyanwu

Damian is a U.S-based Nigerian scientist best know for building Nigeria’s fisrt private radio station – Radio Mbaise – in 1979.

Few years later, 1983 Anyanwu was invited by former Nigerian President, Alhaji Shehu Shergari who decorated Chief Anyanwu with a National award, for his outstanding contributions to Mankind.

His Radio transmitters were made from herbal granules stuffed in empty tins, wires and improvised local material.

Former US president, George W. Bush invited Chief Anyanwu to Washington D.C for a presidential dinner where he was honoured by the President and his cabinet.

Over the course of his career Chief Anyanwu always creates phenomenal inventions and innovations to mankind. His breakthrough includes converting the existing short waves Radio transmitters to medium waves band. His research centre has built television transmitters which measures a match box to conventional products.

Damian hails from Amaku, Aboh Mbaise and is now based in the USA.


Kakie Augustine said…
Hello Dede...
Commending you for your efforts in promoting MBAISE people..Igbos, Nigeria and Africa in general...proud to have you as an uncle.
God bless you for making Ndi Igbo, Nigerian and African proud.
God bless and keep you in a good health for projecting good image of Ndi Igdo, Nigerian and Africa.

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