Austin Okere

Austin Okere is an entrepreneur and co-founder of the Computer Warehouse Group, a foremost Nigerian Systems Integration company

Okere started Computer Warehouse Limited (CWL) over a decade ago as a computer hardware vending company. It soon grew to become a group of three companies offering solutions in telecoms and software.

CWL retains its primary task of delivering hardware solution while the DCC Satellite & Networks Limited deploys networking and satellite based communication links. The third of the tripod, Expertedge Software & System Limited is a software arm of the Group and has recorded massive success with both its indigenously developed solutions as well as the Finnacle banking solutions.

Okere has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Lagos and an MBA from the Lagos Business School. He has nearly two decades industry experience covering system analysis, sales and marketing and corporate management. He has won several awards including Outstanding Personality Award (1998, 1999) by The Guardian. He is on the board of several professional bodies including the Nigeria-South Africa Chamber Executive Committee, Institute of Directors, Nigeria Summit Group and NCS.


Anonymous said…
Computer Warehouse group was recently prominently featured in the Times of London after a case study of the group was undertaken by the Columbia Business school under Prof. Murray Low of the School of Entrepreneurial studies.
see following links for details:

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