Tess Onwueme

Tess Onwueme is a playwright, scholar and poet, who rose to prominence writing plays with themes of social justice. She is also a professor of Cultural Diversity and English at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. In 1985, she won the Drama Prize from the Association of Nigerian Authors and has won several honors since then. Through her plays, she was able to use the theater as a medium to showcase historically silenced views such as African women, and shedding more light on African life. She is regarded as one of the band of more important African authors.

Tess was educated at the Mary Mount Secondary School, it was while at the school that she dabbled into writing. After secondary education, she married and bore five children, during the time she attended the University of Ife, for her bachelor and Masters in Education. She got her PhD at the University of Benin, studying African Drama.


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