Power Mike

Died March 11, 2004

Chief Michael Okpala (MON), was a household name in the world of Nigerian and African wrestling, a retired undefeated World heavyweight wrestling champion

Power Mike was born as Michael Okpala on the 8th August 1939 to Echeobi and Janet Okpala at Neni, in Anaocha Local Gorvernment Area of Anambra State in the eastern part of Nigeria. He was the first born of a family of three.

In 1970 he defeated Gambia's Massambula to become the African heavy weight wrestling champion and titleholder. He wrestled with and defeated Ali Baba of Lebanon in 1973. Johnny Kwango also became a victim of Power Mike's when he (Mike) defeated him in Lagos. Among the list of wrestlers that Power Mike defeated were Power Jack, Joseph Kovacs, Judd Harris, John Tiger of Canada and a host of other worldwide notable superstars.

Apart form his pro wrestling prowress which popularised him worldwide, he was also a promoter of the sport as his Power Mike Internatonal Promotions brought to our shores in Nigeria foreign wrestlers like Mil Mascaras, Dick the 'Bulldog Brower,'' Buddy Rose.,Michael Hayes, Mighty Igor, The Mongols, Carlos Colon, Chris Adams, Thunderbolt Williams and so on. He retired from active wrestling in 1976 and then focused in International promotions.

Power Mike died on Wednesday, 11th March 2004 at the National Hospital, Abuja after a protracted illness.


Ambrose said…
In-depth resource and a brilliant job. Keep it up!
hugo said…
Power Mike was indeed a ruler in the field of wrestling as far as Africa as a continent is concerned and he put nigeria in the world map of wrestling. He was really endowed with uncommon strength and prowess.
Yinka said…
A great wrestler, a true passionate sportsman and a shrewd business man. I hated him for defeating my favourite wrestler namely Johnny Kwango. I would loved to have seen him in the wrestling ring with both Honey Boy Zimba and Ben Lion Heart (Ben Okoye)on different occasions.

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