Dick Tiger

Died December 14, 1971

Dick Tiger CBE (born Richard Ihetu) was a boxer from Amaigbo, Orlu, Nigeria. His boxing career record was: Fought 81; Won 60; Lost 18; Drew 3.

Ihetu was one of the great fighters to come out of the African continent. Tiger became a two-time undisputed world middleweight titlist. In 1962, Tiger won the world middle weight boxing championship. Tiger inspired other Nigerians to go into boxing.

Dick Tiger developed a portfolio of investments before the outbreak of his homeland's civil war. Supporter of the Biafran secession, Tiger's propaganda and financial support of this cause cost him much. Tiger was appointed CBE by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, but he returned his insignia as a protest for what he perceived as a lack of support by Great Britain to the Biafran cause.

Dick Tiger: The Life & Times of a Boxing Immortal

Dick Tiger's Victory


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