Pius Okigbo

Died 2000

Pius Okigbo was an eminent economist who was regarded by many as one of the most outstanding Nigerians of his generation. A world-renowned economist, academic and administrator, Pius hailed from Ojoto in Anambra State.
He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics through private study, after which he proceeded to Northwestern University, where he earned an MA and Ph.D in Economics.

As a scholar, he contributed a great deal in propelling into academic discourse new methods for solving African economic problems. He gained academic acclaim in Nigeria when he published a book on the national accounting standard of Nigeria.

Pius lent his service to public scholarship and policy; he was also chairman to a number of Nigerian committees, particularly those dealing with the economic direction of the country. In 1994, as chairman of a committee to probe the activities of the Central Bank of Nigeria, he released a report critical of the government's role in mismanaging 12.4 billion dollars of oil revenues accrued primarily to two special accounts. The panel's report is popularly known as the Okigbo report.

In 1977, Okigbo was awarded the national award of the Commander of the Order of Nigeria (CON), followed, in 1983, by the Nigerian National Order of Merit and in 1992 the international honour of the International Order of Merit.

Puis Okigbo died in September 2000.


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